Reflection: Unit Exams Geometry Assessment - Section 3: Independent Practice


Unit Exam:

I have found that it is important to my self-reflection on my teaching and my plan for reteaching to review the data that is obtained from any unit assessment.  This gives an accurate picture of which standards were mastered, and which standards need to be taught again or reviewed.  When I review an assessment, I begin by making a list of the standards that were assessed.  I then list the questions that correspond to each standard, and then I use tally marks to record each question missed by the students.  This gives me an overall picture of how the students performed on the test and if there was any one standard that needed to be reviewed or taught again. Any patterns that emerge can help me understand what was or wasn't effective about my teaching in this unit and also figure out what concepts I need to revisit with the class or small groups.

Data Driven Instruction:

After reviewing the assessment, I found that many students mastered the concepts of all 3 standards! Therefore I was able to continue to another unit in my class.

Out of my 17 students, I only had 1 student who missed a significant number of questions.  For this student, I will plan on spending time one on one reviewing the standards and repeating the above activities with her to ensure that she understands the standards moving forward. She likely just needs a bit more practice.

  Unit Exam and Data Driven Instruction
  Unit Exams: Unit Exam and Data Driven Instruction
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Geometry Assessment

Unit 5: Geometry
Lesson 18 of 18

Objective: SWBAT describe 2D shapes using defining attributes; SWBAT partition circles and rectangles into equal/unequal parts, halves, and fourths.

Big Idea: Let’s put this all together! In this culminating assessment, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of defining the attributes of 2D shapes, and halves and fourths.

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