Reflection: Checks for Understanding Metric Literacy - Section 3: Let's Wrap It Up


Formative assessments are about checking for understanding. They are a strategy that "drives" my instruction and are important to the learning.

Today I asked, "What new (to you) idea was used or discussed in class today? By asking this question, I am checking for student understanding as well as their listening and processing skills. Here is what students said:

  • I learned about the cubit, palm, and digit as ways to measure.
  • I learned that you can measure a room with paces.
  • I learned that each person's pace may be different depending on the length of their leg or the length of their foot.
  • I learned that if we use our span to measure the table we will not all get the same answer because we have different size hands.


Students listened to the text and understood the importance of using a standard system of measurement.

  What New Idea Was Discussed In Class Today?
  Checks for Understanding: What New Idea Was Discussed In Class Today?
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Metric Literacy

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze text to understand the importance of using a standard system of measuring.

Big Idea: Can you measure a football field with a marker? Can you measure a desk with your hands? Through Trade Books, let's explore why it's important to use a standard system of measurement.

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