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I always do interest surveys at the beginning of the year to gather valuable information from my students: parent contact info, family information, home dynamic, learning style, etc.  I want students to feel as if they are contributing a valuable piece of classroom information.  

Students enjoy completing them, as they like to share information about themselves.  I did the surveys digitally this year, as we are implementing Google docs in the classroom. This survey was created on Google forms; how to use this is explained in the video included with the narrative.

  Classroom Setup: Why Interest Surveys?
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No Paper? No Problem!

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
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Objective: SWBAT learn the basics of using Google Drive in the science classroom and complete their first paperless assignment - a student interest survey.

Big Idea: Using Google Drive and our technology resources, students access science curriculum in a paperless (almost!) environment. This lesson gives students a chance to become familiar with Google Drive and Forms.

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Science, Building Structures, paperless, Google Drive, metric units, mass
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