Reflection: Debate Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning to Support Student Ideas in Science - Section 4: Students Practice Claim-Evidence-Reasoning With Teacher Guidance


Watching this video will help you see how you can promote argumentation within your student group that will result in fully developed claims.  I want students to realize that argumentation is a critical part of science and we often can strengthen our arguments and claims if we analyze the data to see how it supports our claim(s).

Arguments = A process of science

Explanations = Goal of science

The second half of the video shows how I explain the importance of using argumentation supported with evidence to make claims.  

  Debate: Promoting and Guiding Student Argumentation
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Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning to Support Student Ideas in Science

Unit 1: NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Nature of Science
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT effectively demonstrate their ability to support a claim with appropriate evidence and reasoning

Big Idea: 6th grade students have lots of ideas and generally know the importance of evidence; however, they often lack the structure to effectively communicate and make connections. Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning helps establish this important skill!

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