Reflection: Diverse Entry Points First Day of School - Section 1: Warm Up


A goal for today was to expose students to the eight Mathematical Practices that I will incorporate into lessons daily.  About 25% of my students had heard of the eight Math Practices previously. 

I changed my Intro to the 8 math practices Warm Up at the beginning of the lesson to two column notes.  On the left, I had them paraphrase the meaning of the Math Practice, or on the right side of the paper, the student could illustrate the meaning in a picture.  Some students did both options, though it was not required.

  • One student drew a road block with different paths around it for Perseverance
  • One student gave an example of Peer Feedback for MP3, to critique the reasoning of others

Students had difficulty defining the difference between quantitatively and abstractly throughout the day.  They did not recognize quantitatively as representing a quantity, amount, measure, or number. I gave the example of counting the pattern of building blocks in sequential steps, and then generalizing a formula for the pattern as going from quantity to abstract.

Students also had difficulty defining the difference between MP7 and MP8.  We focused on the idea that structure means the build of the problem, and that repeated reasoning is seeing a repeated procedure or pattern throughout the problems.


  Diverse Entry Points: Student Ideas about Mathematical Practices
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First Day of School

Unit 1: Introduction to Functions
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Objective: SWBAT explain the 8 mathematical practices using words, and illustrations as well as help develop the class community for the year.

Big Idea: To use the strategy of Questions Under the Desk to Engage students in a class discussion of what they want their math classroom to look like this year.

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