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For the groups dissecting the plants, I had to instruct them to take the plant out carefully because they had to re-pot it. All the groups took the plant out of the pot except one group. The group started to remove the leaves from the plant. I posed a question: What would happen to the plant if all the leaves were removed? One student responded that the plant would die. Another student stated that the plant would be destroyed. Then  I asked them: Would it be a great idea to remove the leaves if the plant needed to be re-potted? The students responded, No. They were reminded to remove the plant from the pot.

  Students are working hard dissecting a plant!!
  Student Grouping: Students are working hard dissecting a plant!!
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Parts of Plant, (clap clap), Parts of a Plant, (clap clap), Parts of a Plant, Parts of a Plant, Parts of a Plant

Unit 5: Plants
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify the parts of a plant.

Big Idea: Can you recognize the parts of a plant?

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Science, plants, life science, parts of a plant
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