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Making or writing a book is not new to First graders; however, after completing this unit I felt my students could more deeply understand how the bookmaking process helps them better comprehend the structure of their books and the perspectives of their favorite authors, such as Laura Numeroff. Now that they had a better understanding of what a book is, the importance of the different parts of a book, the elements of a story, and why authors use different genres, I believe that my students will have a greater appreciation of these teaching and learning tools called books because a book is no longer just pages with a cover.

In today’s lesson my students did not just put words on a page, they created the title, knew the genre type they would be writing, as well as the elements of the story, and were able to identify the parts of their books.

The evidence I have that this was a successful unit are the included videos, such as this one, Working with the Beginning Reading Group, from the independent practice section, that show my students taking risk to try their own titles, and enthusiastically wanting to share their work.

  Student Ownership: The Completed Unit
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Children Designing the Books of the Future

Unit 12: Book Study
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT apply their understanding of meaningful phrases in a text to their own narrative writing.

Big Idea: In this last lesson of the unit your students will become the printer, binder, and manufacturer of their own book.

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