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Preparing for this lesson was a big ‘ah ha’ moment for me.  In the past when I taught about genres I would give a brief explanation of a few of the characteristics of the genre and go from there.  After doing some research I realized that there are some great advantages to not only teaching students what the genres are, but how to read them and work with them.  For example students can adjust their reading style to fit the genre they are reading.  If they are reading an informational text they need to read closely and make logical references to document what they read.  If they are reading a fictional literary text they will need to draw on prior knowledge to fully comprehend what they are reading.  Which I now realize is an important skill to start teaching in first grade.

In today’s lesson my students were required to read closely to determine what the text said explicitly and to make logical inferences from it. They were instructed to cite specific textural evidence to support their writing.  As well as explain major difference between the books I read today.

This lesson also brought on a lot of student sharing about their grandparents, not to me, but with their partners.  During the collaborative activity I try to sit with each student pair or group to monitor their progress.  Today as I walked around I noticed that my students were sharing stories about their families with each other.  It was gratifying to me to hear my students engage in conversation that involved sharing and listening, without being directed to.

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Comparing Two Genre Types

Unit 12: Book Study
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Objective: SWBAT identify the key details in two fictional texts that demonstrate the differences between the two genres they come from (fantasy or realistic fiction).

Big Idea: Teach your students that authors use different genres in fiction to entertain and teach us about different characters, places, ideas, and give directions.

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