Reflection: Classroom Setup An Inquiry Lab for Angled Projectiles - Section 1: Context & Equipment Needs


My goal was to do a lab that allowed students to explore projectile motion.....and I thought I'd use Nerf dart guns because they are pretty easy to find, right?

WRONG.  I started at Target, but found that they only carry the semi-automatic $20/gun variety. That was not going to work for me considering I wanted about 12 of them and we have some budget restrictions. So, my second attempt was to get the dart guns from Amazon. Unfortunately, our staff in charge of ordering supplies practically imploded because we don't have purchase order capabilities with Amazon. I decided then to go with the more-expensive option (Amazon sold them for $3 each) of Arbor Scientific. My school has the ability to use purchase orders with Arbor and the cost was reasonable at $9.99 each. Ah yes, but of course, they were on back order for 16 weeks.  

The day of the lab was quickly approaching, and I was frustrated with myself for making "a rookie mistake" of not getting my materials together well ahead of time. But, after considering giving up this entire lab, I thought I'd give it one last go at my local dollar store. Low and behold, they had exactly what I was looking for! Even though I had to pay out of pocket for my dart guns and they aren't Nerf brand, there finally was a happy ending to this dart gun saga! 

  Dart Gun Debacle
  Classroom Setup: Dart Gun Debacle
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An Inquiry Lab for Angled Projectiles

Unit 2: 2-D Kinematics
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will vary height and angle of a projectile to determine their effects on projectile motion.

Big Idea: Bang! Students use Nerf dart guns to explore projectile motion.

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