Reflection: Transitions Wrapping Up the Immersion Heater Investigation - Section 2: Clarifying the Results from the Investigation


As students wrestled with the final part of the warm-up questions, we naturally turned to the notes in this section.  The need to keep these segments separated disappeared and the value of the notes was immediately apparent as we could take the generalized ideas in the notes and apply them right away.  In a sense, it was a "just-in-time" delivery of information!  The total time for the two segments was likely less than indicated by the lesson plan but this was not a problem as the next segment was a time for student-teams to tend to their specific needs as they wrapped up the investigation.  Having a few extra minutes to do so was welcomed.

  Natural Transition into "Clarifying Results"
  Transitions: Natural Transition into "Clarifying Results"
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Wrapping Up the Immersion Heater Investigation

Unit 1: Thermodynamics
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: Students will expand their understanding of the Immersion Heater Investigation. Teams of students will identify their specific needs and address them.

Big Idea: Investigations often reveal new information about nature that force scientists to reconfigure their conceptual models.

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