Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Finding the Main Idea Again - Section 3: Small Group Work


I try to sneak in test taking strategies whenever I can. This sheet included four multiple-choice questions that mainly focused on the compare and contrast skill. I taught students to eliminate poor choices with an “x” and check possible choices with a check mark. I want them to be in the habit of reading all choices rather than just going with the first choice that sounds right. Putting marks at the end of sentences forces them to think about each option before moving on to the next. It also teaches them not to “x” or check sentences by the bubbles. Getting in the habit of doing this would be incredibly detrimental as stray marks picked up by a test reader would mark the question wrong.

  Test Taking Strategy
  Adjustments to Practice: Test Taking Strategy
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Finding the Main Idea Again

Unit 8: Skill and Strategy Practice with Non-fiction Texts
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT pick out details that support their chosen main idea of a short passage.

Big Idea: When things just don't quite go right, try again with a lesson that provides lots of support for students' success!

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