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As I was preparing for the new content I would be teaching due to the implementation of the NGSS, I took a course entitled In the Field With Spiders through the American Museum of Natural History to learn more about biodiversity.  This was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken, not because of my love for spiders (which I assure you is non-existent!) but because I knew nothing at all about spiders prior to taking this course.  

There is nothing more exciting than learning something new about these disgusting "little" creatures that surround us everyday.  While I still find spiders incredibly creepy, I have come to appreciate them in a completely new way and it is this type of appreciation that leads people to treat the environment with more respect.  This is the experience that I hope to pass along to my students.

  Why spiders?
  Unit Planning: Why spiders?
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Mystery Creatures Discovered... AAAHHH, It's a Spider!

Unit 5: Biodiversity and Spiders
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT recognize several characteristics and the habitat of spiders.

Big Idea: Students begin to investigate the "alien" nature of spiders to begin to appreciate their beauty and importance.

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