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Some students may not really respond to this particular form of this lesson; I found that out by doing this!

Another way I have found to purpose for a read-aloud is as follows:

"When I read this story, I want you to listen for the following words......"
"Now, one of the purposes of reading this story is to listen for which words...?
(Let students respond and make sure they know what they are listening for.)

**I like to use a list of tier two vocabulary words and/or interesting words for my students to look for when I read a story.  I usually only ask them to listen for 3-5 words- I don't want to fill their brains so much that they can't pay attention to the other words!

When I am doing a read-aloud and I say one of the words that I have told my students to listen for, I look at them to see who has raised their hand.  Usually, I give a thumbs up, a high five or a stamp to some of those students who "heard the word."  When I do this, it really keeps them participating (time after time), while it also allows me to informally assess. In the end, my students do indeed want the recognition; but also, they really enjoy listening for those tricky words.

Another way to set purpose for a read-aloud is to have students not only listen for vocabulary words, but to listen to those vocabulary words that are related to a theme.

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Set Your Purpose!

Unit 2: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT actively engage in group read-alouds with purpose.

Big Idea: Give students a REASON to listen... and they will!

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