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Environment of Learning - magnifying glasses

Next time I implement this lesson I will make sure to take magnifying glasses out with us. At first I thought the magnifying glasses would be a distraction, but the students were very focused on the task and I think the magnifying glass would have enhanced the lesson. I feel the magnifying glasses will serve two purposes. 

  1. The students will be able to practice their observational skills using a scientific tool. This provides good practice in another environment other than the classroom to work a tool we have used. 
  2. The magnifying glass may help the students focus longer on a specific item and I could increase the difficulty of the items by size. This would make the assignment more rigorous for students who are ready for that level.

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Now Look Here…

Unit 1: Me, Myself and I
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to explain how our sense of sight helps us by making it possible to obtain information through observation.

Big Idea: Looking for colors in the garden helps student become more observant.

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