Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals - Section 6: Evaluate


As students completed the lab there are several things I noticed and decided to revise for the next time I do the lab.  The revisions are found in this new document

One of the things I revised was the wording of the pre-lab questions to clarify what i was asking.  I also revised the procedure by having the well plates vertical instead of horizontal. 

I also noticed that students had a hard time with observing the appearance of each powder by looking and wafting once the substances were already in the wells, so I added that step to the part when they are grinding the tablets.

Finally I revised the instructions about solubility to help students better understand what they should be observing and recording.

  Discourse and Questioning: Lab Revisions- Improvement of Questions
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Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals

Unit 3: Unit 3: Bonding & Periodic Table Trends
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Objective: Students will explore how over-the-counter drugs have different properties and identify an unknown pharmaceutical through performing a laboratory.

Big Idea: Over-the-counter drugs are used to relieve symptoms based on their properties.

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Science, Chemistry, medical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, solubility, acidity
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