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Depending on the demographics of any given classroom, generating current events can be monumentally challenging for some students. I anticipate this challenge by providing two different kinds of support that tap into different resources.

1) The first effective support for students is by providing a resource list and giving students 10 - 15 minutes to explore these resources to kick-start ideas. These resources can be online resources like your local newpaper or a student news site like Newsela. Alternately, these resources could be a collection of recent magazines and newspapers you curate or ask students to bring in. By utilizing these resources, another layer of rigor is added to this project in the form of Common Core English Language Arts Standards for Science and Technical Subjects

2) The second effective support for students is to tap into the student expertise that exists in your room. By using a quick poll with questions like these, it is possible to quickly form groups that are heterogeneous in terms of the background knowledge they bring with them.

Who watches the news?

Who has heard of something that is happening in the world today?

Has anyone hear about ________ (list current event)?

Added benefits to this strategy for making small groups is that students have the opportunity to teach and learn from each other while getting to know students they might not usually work with.

  Tapping into Resources
  Tapping Into Resources
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Essential Questions - Building Student Engagement in Science (Part 1/2)

Unit 2: Engaging 21st Century Scientists
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT make connections between a unifying idea of science and their life experiences.

Big Idea: Can knowledge help us survive? Students explore the idea of whether "science" can help or hurt our chances of survival on Earth.

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