Reflection: Checks for Understanding Fourths - Section 4: Closing/Summarizing


After this lesson, I reviewed the student journals to determine if they understood the lesson or not.  Most of my students were successful and understood the concept.  There were only a few of my lower students that demonstrated difficulty in showing four equal shares of a shape.  For those students, I will go back and reteach the concept to them in a small group and go back to using some concrete manipulatives, such as pieces of paper that we can fold, so that they will get more practice with the concept.

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Unit 5: Geometry
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT partition circles and rectangles into four equal shares.

Big Idea: Let’s Share! In this lesson students will learn to divide circles and rectangles into four equal shares and describe the shares using the vocabulary fourths and quarters.

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