Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Design Your Own Experiment (Day 3) - Section 2: Gallery Walk


I use gallery walks for this type of semi-formal presentations to get the students out of their seats and reduce the stress of formal presentations. I have tried giving formal presentations (student teams presenting to the whole class), but found that after the first two or three the rest of the class enters into this glazed look state, and the feedback begins to be more about how pretty the poster is than about evaluating the information being presented. Students will get practice presenting to the whole class during other units, so at this point in the school year I want them to get comfortable with giving and receiving feedback.

With this group of students I still got a couple of feedback sheets that talked about "pretty". The team that got this type of feedback wrote on their feedback notes, "I learned that people always care about neatness (even though the teacher said not to)". I would have liked to address it at the time, so the poster creators could have responded requesting content feedback, however, this is still a valuable lesson learned that relates to NGSS Practice 8 - Communicating effectively. 

  Gallery walk Presentations
  Intrinsic Motivation: Gallery walk Presentations
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Design Your Own Experiment (Day 3)

Unit 1: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to plan and carry out their own investigations.

Big Idea: Students present their own investigations.

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