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Environment of Learning - Smelling jars

To make sure the smelling jars are fresh prepare the jars on the same day that you intend to implement the lesson. I add a little water to the peppermints to help release the scent. 

Another tip I would like to offer is to buy a smelly type of fish. Some fish can be more mild so prefer to buy a cheap fish head. You can use canned tuna or salmon if you would like a cheaper type of fish to buy. They both have a nice strong smell that children may easily recognize.

Storing the jars at room temperature helps the smells get more pungent.

Remind the students to either close or cover their eyes because when one sense is taken away the others tend to engage and make up for the lack of the other. I used to have the students wear a blindfold but I stopped this for two reasons. Applying the blindfold takes up time and can transfer germs.


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Smell This

Unit 1: Me, Myself and I
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to explain how smell provides them with information about the world around them by collecting data about a variety of smells.

Big Idea: Sniffing jars help students recognize some distinctive smells.

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