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I was very disappointed in the data gathered following this activity.  I noticed during the game that groups were struggling, especially with the control variables, but I was surprised to see how few students actually understood it.  Out of 19 students present this day, only 5 could demonstrate mastery of variables.  I had 6 that showed some understanding but fell into that "needs more practice" category.  The remaining 8 either got one variable or no variables correct.  

To address this area of need, I plan on highlighting variables during each experiment.  I also plan on adding one experiment example to our weekly morning work assignment, asking students to identify each type of variable.  Another way I will address this, is to play the variable again next week as an indoor recess activity.  There will be several questions on the assessment regarding variables, so I will be able to see then if they have a better understanding.  

  Data gathered from exit tickets
  Exit Tickets: Data gathered from exit tickets
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Identifying Variables in an Experiment

Unit 1: Scientists at Work
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate between dependent, independent, and control variables as well as identify each in a given experiment.

Big Idea: Students become contestants on the game "Can You Name That Variable" to test their knowledge about variables.

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