Reflection: Flexibility Design Your Own Experiment (Day 2) - Section 3: Constructing Explanations


It is easy to think that we will do the experiment, draft the posters and be done right? Well, in the real world, "not so much". An inquiry activity guided by the students will definitely take time. The key lies on deciding when to say "Enough, you have one more class period and that is that." 

This is a question of being able to determine whether the students got what you want/they needed out of the lesson. In this case, I decided to allow the students to keep at it. At the end of the second day, and because the students had gone through an I like-I wish-I wonder protocol, they had the resources they needed, but the work was still in progress.

This also plays a role in the expectations and relationship I have with my students. They know to turn in work (even if late) that they are proud of, because I expect no less. The expectation is neither perfection nor completion, but rather demonstration of mastery, and mastery often takes time.

  Where did the time go?
  Flexibility: Where did the time go?
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Design Your Own Experiment (Day 2)

Unit 1: Introduction to 7th Grade Science
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to plan and carry out their own investigations.

Big Idea: Students need opportunities to explore science and develop their own experiments.

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