Reflection: Detectives are on the HUNT for Missing parts of 6 and 7! - Section 3: Independent Practice


The most common problem I ran into throughout the game was students placed what they knew that was outside the bowl in the wrong spot in the problem.  Check the resource section and view the example. If there were 2 outside the bowl and we knew we started with 7 then they needed to write 7-_=2.  But they wanted to write 7-2=_.  My goal was for them to identify finding a missing part of 7 and not just creating solving subtraction through separating a number.  My method for countering this issue was to continually walk around and check how the information was being recorded.  It was not a wide spread problem, just a few sets of partners.  If it had been a wide spread problem, I would have stopped the game and done another problem with them and drew a framework on the board for them to follow. However, next year I will model this explicitly for my class to see it from the beginning.

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Detectives are on the HUNT for Missing parts of 6 and 7!

Unit 4: Understanding Subtraction
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT find the missing parts of 6 and 7 through subtraction.

Big Idea: Detectives it is time to search! The children will become great investigators and solve problems by finding the missing part.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, problem solving, subtraction, First Grade, take away
  70 minutes
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