Reflection: Perseverance The First Day of School - Section 2: Group Icebreaker


This task is not difficult; students must merely share attributes about themselves that they inherently know. However, it can be time consuming to discover labels for the x- and y-axis that work for all four students. Thus, this is really an exercise in perseverance. Students cannot give up - they must keep working until they find categories that work for their group.

This is my favorite part of this ice breaker - it establishes a culture of sticking with it and not giving up that will translate to the mathematical work they will do throughout the year.

  Stick With It
  Perseverance: Stick With It
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The First Day of School

Unit 1: Functioning with Functions
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Objective: SWBAT get to know their teacher and other members of their class.

Big Idea: Create an environment of collaboration and critical thinking on the first day of school.

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