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In my class, I use student notebooks as THE place to keep notes, thinking maps, pictures, and other processing pieces.  The students maintain a Table of Contents and organize the books in a uniform way so that it is easy for me to assess and offer feedback.  As we continue through the year and students have learned how to do different types of "notes", they then get to choose how to record and process information.  I really like this organizational piece in 7th grade because it helps cross the line from elementary school where papers were kept for you to high school where you handle it all yourself.

This is what one of my student notebooks looked like after today's lesson.  The picture is a folded on one side of the notebook and the structure/function chart is on the other side.  The next step is to keep having kids go back and refer to notes as a habit of learning.  The practice of referring to notes also demonstrates an authentic reason to do a good job when creating them.  

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Cells: Protein Production Part 1

Unit 3: Life is Organized: Cells
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to recognize and sort the steps to protein production.

Big Idea: Industrial Cellular Revolution

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