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Through conferencing with students, I often discover common misconceptions that would otherwise go unnoticed. I absolutely loved listening to this conversation: Developing Explanations. Students often believe that the spin of the earth is the cause of gravity. I think this is because of their experiences with centrical force and carnival rides! 

Tonight, I looked up the answer to their question at this link. Dr. Eric R. Christian with NASA explains, "Gravity is caused by the mass of the Earth and has nothing to do with it's spinning. The spinning of the Earth actually reduces the "gravity" felt by someone at the equator as compared to someone at one of the poles. It is just one of the facts of the Universe that everything that weighs anything, pulls other matter towards it, and the more it weighs, the bigger the pull." 

I can't wait to guide these students to this source tomorrow! 

  Conferencing: Developing Explanations
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Weight, Mass, & Gravity

Unit 1: Gravity
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Objective: SWBAT to explain the relationships between weight, mass, and gravity.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will explore why an astronaut can jump higher on the Moon than on Earth by researching weight, mass, and gravity.

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