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The student work was done by one of my advanced students, and I try to teach to the top of my class when I am doing whole group lessons. But, I do provide modifications for some of my other students. I often shorten the amount of writing. Another thing I like to do is draw a line for each word they are writing. Sometimes I write information on the board, so they can copy it. Other times I write on their t-chart with a highlighter and the student traces the information. Sometimes I will even use a sticky note for students to copy from. It is important to support students and help them while they are engaging in new or complex tasks to avoid frustration for them.

  Advanced Students: Student Work
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Mama Elephant and her Offspring

Unit 2: Communication Between the Parent and Offspring
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine ways elephants use their external features to aid in the survival of their offspring.

Big Idea: Allow students to discover the unique ways animals use their body to help their offsprings survive.

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elephant and baby
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