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In my classroom, I often like to draw upon real life experiences and occurrences to anchor students to their learning, whether it be with reading or writing. For example, if a students thinks about their life, and they think about the concept of gender roles, they may ask themselves, where do I see gender roles taking place in my own life? Do I see them at home? Do I see them at school? I almost see these connections as lighting up the brain and triggering a deeper understanding of not only the material covered in my class, but it also translates into a deeper understanding of the world around them.

  Noticing the Real World
  Real World Applications: Noticing the Real World
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Annotating Girls & Boys

Unit 1: Reader's & Writer's Workshop: The Launch
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Objective: SWBAT close read and annotate a familiar text.

Big Idea: Do boys and girls have different roles? Students study traditional gender roles through fiction. They close read and examine a text to find clues.

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