Reflection: Intervention and Extension What Makes Something a Pattern? - Section 2: Investigation


Some students I am working with this year struggled with how to approach a pattern (in particular, finding the next three terms in a sequence of numbers).  I think when I teach this lesson again, I may start with the Growing Dots pattern and move to number sequences after that. The Growing Dots pattern gives students a way to understand a sequence of numbers through a visual pattern. Without a visual, students who struggle with math are just looking at numbers.  I tried to give students some strategies for approaching numeric sequences such as looking at the differences between the numbers and making sure the pattern holds throughout.  I was surprised at how much students struggled with this task.

  Pattern Differentiation
  Intervention and Extension: Pattern Differentiation
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What Makes Something a Pattern?

Unit 1: Introduction to Algebra: Focus on Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT find patterns that fit a given sequence and then to use these patterns to predict the next few terms of the sequence.

Big Idea: Can you figure out the pattern? If you can, what can you do with it? Students learn how to write rules for patterns and explore how these rules can help us predict future events.

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