Reflection: Exit Tickets The Mobius Strip - Section 3: Conclusion - What Did You Really Observe Today?


I asked students to complete an Exit Slip which would reflect their experience in class today. Students could choose one of the following sentence starters:

  • I learned that today I observed...
  • To summarize, I observed...
  • So in the end, I observed...


Here is what they said:

So in the end, I observed that if you cut a strip of paper in half it will still remain one strip of paper.

I learned today what a Mobius Strip is and how it works. Observed by feeling and seeing the paper.

So in the end, I observed that you can use your senses to do many, many experiments.

So in the end, I observed that when you work with science you always use your senses.

To summarize, I observed that I use my senses, like my eyes, to look at the paper and see if it is cut and what it looks like.

Using an Exit Slip gives me quick, direct feedback about what my students learned. That is important to guide my instruction for future lessons. After looking at this feedback, I can see that my students showed success two important parts of the lesson including: writing a clear conclusion based on their hypothesis and making observations using their senses. They got it!

  To Summarize, I Observed . . .
  Exit Tickets: To Summarize, I Observed . . .
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The Mobius Strip

Unit 1: Introduction to Science
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT gather information using their senses.

Big Idea: Scientists observe the world around them. Whenever you make an observation you are acting like a scientist.

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