Reflection: Student Feedback First Day of Class - The Marshmallow Challenge - Section 2: Investigation


This year's marshmallow challenge was a lot of fun.  I continue to enjoy running this challenge on the first day of school as it is something different then running through the usual rules and procedures in class.  Most groups were not successful in building a standing structure, but they were engaged and involved throughout the process. I ran a staff challenge this year with one group and I think students appreciated seeing that even the adults' structure fell down. Once students understand the idea of "prototyping" and using the marshmallow throughout the building process, we make a connection to problem solving in class. I even had a group this year during a study hall that wanted to take the challenge again and built a tall structure that was freestanding! It was exciting to see the students enthusiastic about trying a task again.

  This year's marshmallow challenge
  Student Feedback: This year's marshmallow challenge
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First Day of Class - The Marshmallow Challenge

Unit 1: Introduction to Algebra: Focus on Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT use the ideas of creativity and collaboration as a foundation for problem solving throughout Algebra 1.

Big Idea: First day challenge! Students work in small groups to build the highest structure that will support a single marshmallow.

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