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This was the first time I'd used check in sheets with this group of students, but just like every other group of students I've had, they are going to need practice!!  Students in 4th grade are not generally used to being an involved party in their own achievement.  They are not used to setting goals, checking their work or analyzing their progress.  

This year in my building, we are teaching the 7 Habits of Happy Kids (Covey, 2008) and have instituted the use of student data notebooks but even still, my students haven't really caught on to the actual thought process that goes into setting and achieving goals.  They are, at this time, just going through the motions.  This check in sheet was no different, but I hope that by continuing to use check in sheets and other forms of self reflection, they start to understand the part they must play in their own learning to be successful.  

  Reflection: Using Check In Sheets
  Student Ownership: Reflection: Using Check In Sheets
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Become the Author: Finishing Up

Unit 4: Climbing the Mountain: A Path to Understanding Nonfiction
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Objective: SWBAT look at a nonfiction text and create the text features that would be most helpful in helping a person to comprehend the text.

Big Idea: Putting students in a real life, unpredictable situation increases the rigor and will further their understanding of nonfiction text features.

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