Reflection: Student Grouping Electrons and Flame Tests - Section 3: Elaborate


This video shows how students are working in their cooperative groups with specific roles:

  • One student is in charge of holding the wood splint in the flame.
  • One student is in charge of recording information and looking for the the qualitative color.
  • Two students are in charge of using the spectroscopes to determine the wavelengths.

As the video demonstrates by assigning specific roles to each group member all students are involved in the learning experience.  This is especially helpful in classes where several students tend to take over the experiment and other students will just sit back and copy.

  Student Grouping: Cooperative Groups
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Electrons and Flame Tests

Unit 2: Unit 2: Matter, Atoms, and the Periodic Table
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how spectral lines are a result of the transition of electrons between energy levels through taking notes, performing a lab, and answering practice questions.

Big Idea: Spectral lines, which we can see as colored lights, are the result of the transition of electrons between energy levels.

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