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After grading the assessments from this unit, I saw a wide variety of student success. My students seemed to either know what they were doing or they didn't. Since our school promotes a retake policy, I allowed my students to come in and do test corrections on their quizzes. To do their test correction, for each problem marked wrong they must write 2 sentences: 1 stating why they did what they did and 1 stating why the correct answer is the correct answer. After I read through the test corrections, I determine whether the students require additional practice on and if so I give them a worksheet to complete. When they have completed that successfully, then they are allowed to take a retake. 

  Widespread Student Success
  Performance Tasks: Widespread Student Success
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Graphing Quiz Day!

Unit 1: Introduction to Physics and Graphing
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge about independent, dependent and controlled variables as well as create and analyze a graph.

Big Idea: Students have an assessment day on graphing!

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introduction to physics
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