Reflection: Shared Expectations Science Journals - Accurate Spelling and Scientific Coloring - Section 2: Warm Up


Today I decided to show my students some of my own work from my own science journal. I'm pretty much a nerd, so I have a few journals from different places I have visited. Since I am asking my students to do very specific things in their journals, I feel that to really share expectations to the highest level I need to show them my own work. This can be a little intimidating because students tend to be really honest, so before I show them, I do some self-talk about sharing my work--especially my terrible drawings! This gets the students to realize that I am vulnerable, too, and that it is not okay to laugh or make fun of anyone's work, including mine! If someone does laugh or make fun of something I show, I make a point to bring it up later at a class meeting and talk about how it made me feel. This prepares students in the future to share their own work in a safe environment. Also, by showing some real life examples of my own work, it shows students that what they are doing is not just an "at school" activity but that it will be useful in life, too. 

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  Shared Expectations: Look what I did!
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Science Journals - Accurate Spelling and Scientific Coloring

Unit 1: Introducing Science Journals
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use science journaling as a way to record correct scientific information, using accurate spelling and correct coloring.

Big Idea: Science journals help students to record what they learn. Establishing guidelines for the journal with spelling and coloring will allow them to create useful, purposeful journal entries throughout the year.

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