Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Khan Academy on Evaluating Logarithms - Section 1: Assessment Overview


The series of exponent activities on Khan Academy can be done all in a row or spread out. They can be placed anywhere in the unit with great success. I wouldn't worry if students are perfectly prepared for any particular exercise at any time.

For this activity I would ask students to log in (optional) and work until their achieve mastery. This is a topic you need to discuss with students. "Mastery" in Khan Academy might mean something like getting 20 correct, but I want students to complete about 10 questions and only continue if they think they need more practice.

I have had many students complain about Khan Academy. They get frustrated, because if they make a single mistake they need to basically start from the beginning. They find this discouraging. They kept working and working even when they understood the topic. They spent hours trying to get "mastery" and would give up if they hit the wrong button or number. Instead, they need to stop and reflect. They need to think, "do I need more practice?" 

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Khan Academy on Evaluating Logarithms

Unit 12: Gimme the Base: More with Exponents
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to decipher basic logarithms and gain a deeper understanding of exponents

Big Idea: To understand exponents, we cask ask students to look at the inverse operation of the logarithm

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Math, Scalars, positive exponents, laws of exponents (algebraic expressions), Exponents and Exponential Functions, khan academy, law, properties of exponents, Math 8, exponentiation, Laws of Algebra, skill development
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