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I review these ideas at the start of big units to help students plan to get ahead of the material and stay on top of their work. They always get confused with homework policies (each teacher seems to always have slightly different policies) and they need time to get organized. So in this lesson, we talk about homework and then take the full period to start the homework. 

Here is a link to HW FAQs:

I would give the link to my exponent homework assignments, but they are always changing. So I will give the links to the videos for each assignment (I always provide video support) and include the pdf's in the resource section. I also recommend the open source site CK-12. They have great question banks in the flex books:

  Student Ownership: Talking Homework
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Homework and Exponents

Unit 12: Gimme the Base: More with Exponents
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to chose homework that best helps them succeed

Big Idea: We can add choice to our homework routines and help students take ownership of the homework process

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Math, Scalars, Exponents and Exponential Functions, homework, scientific notatio, properties of exponents, Math 8, exponentiation, Laws of Algebra, skill development
  60 minutes
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