Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Science Journals - Adding Details - Section 4: Wrap Up


When I teach, I try to be as explicit as possible with directions. This may explain the emphasis on teaching students exactly where to put the date and subject in their journals! However, during this lesson, I noticed that a lot of students were drawing a very good picture with labels and a caption of how they got their breakfast or where they ate their breakfast - not what they had! However, we still were able to have good conversation about adding details!

  What didn't I say?!?! I must be more explicit!
  Adjustments to Practice: What didn't I say?!?! I must be more explicit!
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Science Journals - Adding Details

Unit 1: Introducing Science Journals
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT understand the purpose for science journals and the purpose for including details in their entries.

Big Idea: Students will use their science journals as reference material throughout the school year, so adding details to drawings and information in their journals will provide students with a deeper layer of understanding.

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