Reflection: Wonderful One! - Section 2: Guided/Independent Practice


Setting up the classroom is critical!  I make certain that the "independent" tables are on both sides of my teacher table.  Particularly since my class is an inclusion class, I need to be ready to help a student in crisis within seconds, so I make sure my "teacher table" (or table with a teacher seated), is in the middle of everything.

Modeling expected behaviors--very clearly, and every single week--is also critical.  If students really KNOW what they are supposed to do, they're more likely to do it!  I joke and say I can beat a dead horse with the best of 'em--I just go over, and over, and over expected behaviors, always with a smile, and always with the highest expectations.  I expect ALL students to work hard, do their jobs, and have fun while they learn.

I have been lucky as I start this school year--I have a student teacher for the first 8 weeks, another set of eyes, another big person to help.  I know this won't last, but I sure enjoy it while the extra help is here.  If you are fortunate enough to have an instructional assistant or classroom volunteers, I would say these "number days" are a great time to bring in the troops!

This is a LOT of practice in a short amount of time.  The key is to model expected work and behaviors, provide scaffolded support as needed, keep everyone busy, and hold those high expectations.

  Logistics - Making this "work" with lots of beginning students
  Logistics - Making this "work" with lots of beginning students
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Wonderful One!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
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Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count and represent the number 1.

Big Idea: This is the kick-off for the exciting, incredibly important practice with numbers! Talk about laying the foundation--THIS IS IT!!! We set the framework for our hands-on, some guided, and some independent practice (mostly for logistics), to get lots of ex

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