Reflection: Shared Expectations Touchy, Touchy! Part Two - Section 2: Elaborate with Additional Embedded Exploration


Kindergarteners will enter your room with all kinds of backgrounds, experiences and behaviors. It should never be assumed that young children know or understand how to behave in a classroom setting prior to you teaching them.

The best way to effectively teach positive behaviors is to model it for them and once some of the kids begin to model it back appropriately, thank them and use them as a model for the others. In the video I recognize kids for modeling the desired behavior I am looking for and the rest of the class quickly follows suit and demonstrates the same desired behavior.

  Shared Expectations: The beginning of the year
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Touchy, Touchy! Part Two

Unit 1: Getting Started (Frontloading Science)
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine if a given object is soft, rough, sharp, bumpy, smooth, or sticky by touching and describing a variety of objects presented to them.

Big Idea: Many kids enter kindergarten never having experiences that allow them to explore their senses. This lesson targets the understanding of their sense of touch.

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