Reflection: High Quality Task Cells: Membrane and Nucleus Part 1 - Section 4: Focus


In my school, we have a lot of discussions about the difference between engagement and compliance.  In some ways I think this is a wasted arguement because first of all it can't really be observed accurately and secondly what really matters is what the students are doing.  This assignment was the perfect example.  There was not a single student that was "ENGAGED" in writing down the notes today.  They don't know enough to be engaged in this manner.  The words and concepts are new to them and the point was to give them a resource to use later.  But they were all compliant AND more importantly I observed them access the resource later on to build understanding.  I think that while engagement is important...what is more important is keeping students active in high quality tasks and building up to tasks that are highly rigorous and engaging. 

  Compliance vs Engagement
  High Quality Task: Compliance vs Engagement
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Cells: Membrane and Nucleus Part 1

Unit 3: Life is Organized: Cells
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to understand how the structure of the cell membrane allows it to control entering and exiting the cell.

Big Idea: Getting in and out of the cell.

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