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During the lab I answer as few questions as possible. I am purposefully vague. If someone has a question, I ask someone else in that group what the question is (they typically don’t know). This forces them to share the question within the group before asking me. Hopefully sharing a question within the group will produce an answer without my intervention. My oal is to have the kids work together. I concentrate on replenishing and consumables and safety.

At the end of the lab, finished groups call me over and I review the cleanliness and condition of the equipment. Most of the time I have the students re-clean the materials. Once I am satisfied with their equipment I place my initial over all of their signatures. This effectively sign-off on their responsibility and only then may they remove their eye protection. 

  Never Work Harder Than Your Students
  Rigor: Never Work Harder Than Your Students
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Equipment Measurement Lab

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to gain proficiency with basic lab equipment, such as with a metric ruler (distance) , graduated cylinder (volume) and a triple-beam balance scale (mass).

Big Idea: Success in a lab requires proficiency with equipment.

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