Reflection: Checks for Understanding Characteristics of Life Wrap-up - Section 4: Clean-up


Reteaching the students the way to answer the question was the right choice.  Before when I had scanned the papers it seemed like only a couple had been able to answer the questions fully and show understanding of the concepts.  Afterwards, though the data was much better.

In my period 3 class

17/18  (94%) of the students showed proficiency at writing AND the concepts.

1 student is really struggling and I am putting him down for some extra attention this week.

In my period 5 class

11/20 (55%) of the students showed proficiency at writing AND the concepts

3/20 (15%) of the students showed understanding of the concepts but struggled at expressing their thoughts in writing.

6/20 (30%) of the students did not show understanding of the concepts.  

I will make sure to spiral these concepts back in, and we will also be working on formal writing in a couple of weeks.  Certain students will be marked down for targeted instruction.  

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Characteristics of Life Wrap-up

Unit 2: Life is Organized: Systems & Characteristics of Life
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Objective: Students will be able to show understanding of the characteristics of life by applying them to a new situation.

Big Idea: Viruses: Alive?

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