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I think it's imperative that all students are held accountable for skills through independent work.  I don't just give students this activity because it's cute, I give it to them so I can assess their spelling skills (e.g. their phonemic awareness and phonics skills).  Also, this allows students the chance to experience writing labels, which is a skill they can use from then on when creating certain types of illustrations.  I really like that this lesson helps students develop a conceptual understanding of labels AND phonetic spelling.  When students practice things like this through different activities (not a spelling test or a book with labels), they are really able to prepare themselves for more of a real-life application of these skills.  In the end, this lesson serves as a mid to high level one for phonics skills and a sort of introductory, background-knowledge building activity for labeling.

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Label Santa!

Unit 14: Holiday Happiness
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use inventive spelling and their knowledge of letter-sound correspondence to label a familiar picture of Santa.

Big Idea: Let them look... Let them think... They will surprise you!

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English / Language Arts, summary, spelling, words
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labeling santa
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