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       During this activity, assigning students times for tasks helps a great deal to keep them focused and discussion of post task is critical to get a gauge on how students are actively engaged in the activities. I have learned to stress the connections between each activity and to maintain the overarching theme of how the nervous system formed during each discussion point. This helped students of all learning levels to continuously review and understand the continuity and scaffolding nature of the activities. This was a big a-ha moment for me while I instructed. 

  Assessment is Key!
  Checks for Understanding: Assessment is Key!
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The Nerve of Stem Cells! Day 1

Unit 4: Brain Specialization and Development
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will describe the process of nerve specialization and nervous system development from the stage of embryonic stem cells to early infancy.

Big Idea: Nerve tissues form and function are determined by internal and external factors.

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