Reflection: Checks for Understanding Student/Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Section 4: Closure


I wanted to show you some of my student's writing in this section.  (I apologize for some of the quality of the pictures.  I had scanned the work into my computer on the darkest setting, so I don't know why the work is coming out so light ...).  I chose 5 very different pieces of work to show you.  Students one and five are strong writers.  You'll see that their work is longer and a bit more sophisticated.  They each contain compound sentences and descriptive language.  Student two has written work that I would consider at about the middle of the range in my classroom.  This child has come so far this year, and I am incredibly happy with what this writing shows.   Student three has severe ADHD.  You can see that I had to scaffold, and their writing is a bit shorter than the others, but I still held this student to high expectations and they could produce a nice piece of work.  Student four is my student with severe speech problems.  I had to scaffold the most for this student, but this student was also able to write a quality piece of informational text that told the reader about elephants.

Student One Elephant Writing.pdf

Student Two Elephant Writing.pdf

Student Three Elephant Writing.pdf

Student Four Elephant Writing.pdf

Student Five Elephant Writing.pdf

  Checks for Understanding: Student Work
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Student/Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies

Unit 20: Expository Writing About Elephants
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT implement edits to strengthen their informational paragraph writing with guidance and support.

Big Idea: We are in the final stretch. Today the students are going to be conferencing with the teacher and implementing the teacher's suggestions when they write their final copies.

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