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I feel that this lesson was rigorous enough, but that my students need exposure to many more problems like this. I'll use this information to inform my instruction with more individual practice for homework. They were successful, but I need them to continue working out multi-step problems, and justifying their answers. I had some students simply stop when they had two numbers; oen for Option A and one for Option B. A few students need some extra time to realize that we were talking about money. Another student wanted to circle the largest number automatically. I needed to have them refer back to the problem, and even then, the student needed further clarification for "the best deal",

  Rigor: Rigor
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Shipping Solutions: Convert Customary Measurement

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: SWBAT convert pounds to ounces to problem solve.

Big Idea: Find the best deal at the post office, so the package gets delivered on time!

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Math, weight (Conversions), Measurement, ounces, Number Sense and Operations, Measurement Tools, customary units of measurement, pound, Operations
  50 minutes
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