Reflection: Performance Tasks Understanding Why We Have Rules in the Classroom! - Section 5: Extend


        In this activity, students, in groups were given the freedom to construct graphs of their learning styles on large post it note sheets as opposed to the board (dysfunctional promethean board pen). In doing so, each group produced the same question "How should we set up our graph?". In general, I like consistency across groups, but I allowed for students to be creative in their variable selection, specifically the y axis. In SLS Graph 1, students focused on the % of the group that ranked the stated learning style similarly, where as in SLS Graph 2, students recorded the average ranking score of specific styles to construct their graphs. Leaving this up to students, I think enhanced their level of creativity and promoted discussion between groups regarding their variable representations. I like that it generated discussion. The alternative worked really well. 

  Performance Tasks: To Add Clarity or Not to Add Clarity? That is the Question!
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Understanding Why We Have Rules in the Classroom!

Unit 1: Classroom & Course Orientation
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Objective: Develop and support a position on the validity of classroom rules by integrating information from multiple sources including text and data.

Big Idea: Brain science research helps us to understand why some rules and laws are age specific in society!

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