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Here we are - about to arrive at 100! We've been getting there in other ways - celebrating the hundredth day, counting by ten to 100, but now we are getting there by taking the journey through our number system. 

It's exciting for the students, and for me too. In kindergarten we can be joyful about the things that in our adult world are pretty much everyday, ho-hum events. But when I get to experience what is new with my students I try to stay connected to them as little people exploring a big new world.

  Arriving at 100
  Joy: Arriving at 100
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Count by 10's Review

Unit 9: Numbers to 100
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to count by 10's to 100.

Big Idea: Numbers don't stop at 20! We spend the last week or so of school looking at the numbers beyond 20. Today we do it through a fun game.

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count by 10s review
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