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You'll see that I try to include questions for students to respond to that include a student getting an answer wrong. This way, students have to "back track", and determine where in the steps the student went wrong. In order to do this, and analyze the process, my students need to understand and be able to verbalize the correct steps/process to solving a problem. This also increases motivation, because then my students feel like the experts, and are the "teacher". I love to promote peer tutoring inside my classroom, and even in vertical alignment with younger students too. This process empowers leadership qualities.

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Measure Me: Volume (Day 1)

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT measure volumes by counting unit cubes, using cubic cm, cubic m, cubic ft., and improvised units.

Big Idea: Grade 5, Critical Area #3 states that students decompose three-dimensional shapes and find volumes of right rectangular prisms by viewing them as decomposed into layers of arrays of cubes.

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