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 In this video clip the student makes an error when she reads the notation. I immediately caught the error but did not immediately correct the error. This is the first time the students have presented in class. From my observations of this student she is very unsure of her math skills and correcting her in front of the class would have distressed the student.

I approach the mistake later in class. I worked through a problem with the students. As I put the notation (f+g)(x) on the board I discussed how to read the notation as f plus g at x. We talked about the x denoting the domain and that this is not multiplication. I showed the students a common error with the notation of adding 2 functions then multiplying by x. By using a different notation than division I did not make put focus on the student and was able to correct the misconception.

  Safety: Correcting students on presentations
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Presentation on Functions Operations

Unit 2: Functions and Piecewise Functions
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: SWBAT add, subtract, multiply and divide functions.

Big Idea: Presentation will assist students in learning the notation of function operations.

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